Carbon / Carbon Fibers & Composite Materials

PAN-based Carbon Fiber & Composite MaterialsPyrofil

Pyrofil carbon fiber and its composites, are advanced high-performance materials born from technology centered on synthetic high polymer chemistry, in which Mitsubishi Chemical excels. We have an integrated framework for production that includes polymerization of acrylonitrile (PAN), spinning of PAN fiber (precursor),carbonization of a precursor (carbon fiber), weaving, prepregging, and chopping of carbon fiber.


Characteristics of Pyrofil Carbon Fiber


Carbon fiber tow

Twistless continuous fiber bundle stranded with a specific number of PAN-based carbon fibers.

CF Fabric

A fabric woven with CF tow. It is used for exterior components due to its superior moldability and designability, and is suitable for a variety of fabrics including plain, twilled and satin fabrics.


An intermediate sheet-like material containing CF tow impregnated with a matrix (uncured thermosetting) resin. We offer a wide product lineup including UD prepreg and cloth prepreg.

Chopped fiber

Chopped fiber is used with thermoplastic resin compounds. We have a variety of sizing agents suitable for various matrix resins.

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